Warp Driver

Warp Driver takes place in the future, where robot golfers compete in the ultimate space golf tournament. Players tee off on alien worlds with changing atmosphere and fluctuating gravity, where they must master the laws of physics in order to win the Cosmic Open.

Warp Driver was developed by GameDesk in partnership with the USGA to teach students the laws of physics through the game of golf. Warp Driver uses a scaffold learning structure that was primarily built around High School Next Generation Science Standards. The target audience is primarily students grade 9-12, though younger audiences can find it fun and informative as well.

Studio: GameDesk

Languages: C#

Engines: Unity

Platforms: Web

Role: Intern Programmer


  • Gathered and implimented relavant place-holder art assets
  • Helped create a sports replay camera system- for the last shot made, the player could choose from several different options that would show and/or follow the ball's trajectory
  • General gameplay debugging


Project available here: Warp Driver