Treasure Tabby

Treasure Tabby is a 2-D puzzle based side-scroller. As an adorable tabby you take on the role of a curious adventurer, seeking out long lost tombs, forgotten history and buried treasures. Explore each new area you discover, keep a sharp eye out and solve puzzles to unlock secret passageways, and collect unique and ancient items, including the Holy Grail! Use your feline reflexes to avoid bobby traps and defeat the evil denizens to complete each tomb. Will you be brave enough to make it through? This is a current work in progress, check back for updates!

Language: C#

Engine:  Unity

Platform: PC with plans to build for the App Stores

Role: Programmer


  • Game design and story
  • Level layouts and camera controls
  • 2-D gameplay and player functionality
  • Collision and trigger system